Dental Insurance Companies – What Are Your Options?

You have probably heard a lot about the necessity of dental insurance and have likely seen more than one television advertisement offering low cost dental options, but how much do you know about the dental insurance companies? There are several dental insurance companies that are actively seeking new clients; some are operating on a national level while others simply offer regional assistance. Below is a peek at a few of the prominent dental insurance companies and what they have to offer.


Probably one of the best-recognized names in the health insurance field is Aetna. They are a national company who offers many comprehensive health, dental, behavioral health plans and many more. Along with their large suite of insurance policies, Aetna also provides managed care and provider networks that can save individuals from 15-50% on routine procedures. Their pricing and savings of course will depend on which option you choose and where you live.


Cigna is a national company as well with more than 60,000 dentists in their managed care a provider networks, however they are not available in every state. Cigna is a dental insurance company that can provide you will all the choices in dental coverage. They have traditional insurance as well as several different savings plans. Their site has a handy tool that you can use to see if services or plans are offered in your area.

Metropolitan Life

Met Life is a well-recognized company in the insurance field and they have a great reputation for paying claims. However, unless your employer offers their plans you will not be able to carry Met Life insurance.

Delta Dental

This is America’s largest provider of dental benefits; they have the most experience in the field as well. This company offers both group dental plans for employers as well as individual plans for the uninsured or under insured. There are over 39 independent Delta Dental member companies operating in all 50 states of the union. They have many different dental plans including PPO, HMO and traditional insurance, they are sure to have something for just about everyone. It is important to note that their individual insurance is not available in all states just yet, check with the web site for availability.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for an insurance company, it is wise to keep your options open. By considering many different companies and plan ideas, you will have a much better chance of finding a dental insurance company that will fill all of your dental needs. For some individuals a preferred provider network is all they need, for others it may be a traditional dental insurance plan it is all up, to what you need and can afford.